Founded in 1968, Pif Paf Alimentos is one of the largest food producers in Brazil and is the leading company in the sector in Minas Gerais, with around 8500 professionals. There are more than 20 Pif Paf locations in the country, divided between commercial offices and the most modern and technological factories. The corporate office is located in Belo Horizonte, in Southeastern Brazil, which has the three most important metropolises in the country.

Attentive to the needs of its consumers, increasingly demanding, Pif Paf develops practical and tasty products. The company has more than 350 items in several sectors, such as chicken, pork, lamb, processed meats, drinks, fish and ready meals, all produced within the strictest quality standards.

Quality is a reflection of investments in constant inspections in our products and processes, thorough analysis by an extremely competent staff in well-equipped laboratories, which are accredited by INMETRO. As a result, we have gained important international certificates such as ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP – Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point. The Integrated Quality System ensures the development of strategies and the increase in results, raising employee’s awareness about the importance of the work focused on continuous improvement of quality, productivity and consequently the products.

In addition, the company promotes social actions in the communities where it operates through its Human Resources department and The Costa Mendes Foundation, offering opportunities for social inclusion of underprivileged children. Besides that, Pif Paf Alimentos pursuit the implementation of training programs for people with disabilities and Young Apprentice Program
Aware of the acceptance of our products by the internal market, we seek to expand our participation in the international market every day. We have reached important business relations with partners in various countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Angola, Cuba and UAE, among others.